Exegesis Is Here!

I haven’t posted anything about the release of The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick because I assumed that anyone who likes Philip K. Dick knows about this because of the importance of this release.

I have a copy of the first release of the Exegesis and have only read parts of it because it is difficult to choose to read it over reading VALIS which is my favorite book and one that explains parts of the Exegesis so I get my fix from that.

I haven’t picked up my copy of this yet (I’m sure I will soon). I tend to buy all of my most desired books on the day of release.  If anyone would like to post mini-reviews in the comments or send a full length review, I will post (or allow) them here.


Must Be A Big Week For Ridley Scott…

Another story from  the Wall Street Journal blog this week about Ridley Scott.  A post titled “Ridley Scott Spills the Secrets of ‘Prometheus’”, his next movie which will be a science fiction movie and his first in several years.  I believe that it is a prequel to Alien.  I especially like this quote which also bears some relevance to the sequel to Blade Runner he’s developing:

“I think the reason why I haven’t attempted science fiction in a number of years is because I haven’t really come across a script that I really liked,” Scott says. “This developed and came out extremely well.”

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Blade Runner 2

I have been cautiously optimistic when the news broke a few months ago about Ridley Scott directing another Blade Runner movie, only cautiously because I tend to be skeptical when sequels/prequels of great movies are made especially when they were not planned from the beginning like the Star Wars or the Matrix movies.  But there have been a few good sequels like Star Trek 2, Lethal Weapon 2, Superman 2, The Dark Knight,  The Road Warrior and The Silence of the Lambs (Yes!, look it up.).  There are more I could list but not lots and lots.

Blade Runner is my favorite movie of all time and I don’t want a pointless sequel to be made just to cash on the insurgency of Philip K. Dick in the public zeitgeist.  But I like all of Ridley Scott‘s science fiction movies and if he wasn’t directing, I would be hesitant.  Also this quote from the Wall Street Journal blog post “Ridley Scott Says He’ll Direct ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel”:  “Scott says the new “Blade Runner” project is moving ahead “not with the past cast, of course.” No Deckard? “No, not really,” he says.”

I’m encouraged that it’s going to be a sequel and not a prequel.  Who can replace Harrison Ford (and there’s no way to make him look that young again!)?  I’m impressed that Scott is making another movie in the universe and maybe something that is thematically similar.  Or even moving on to another related theme that he extracted from the first movie?  I’m not really sure but those are hopeful thoughts.

My feeling has moved from cautiously optimistic to looking forward to the movie.
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Send Me Stuff: Part Two

I had another thought when I was typing the last blog entry about sending in content to be posted on the site.  I hope I’m not being too bold here (and I do have a BA in English).  But I was curious if there were any authors out there with published or soon to be published works that would be willing to send me a copy to review on the site.  I would love to add reviews to the site because I think that review content is essential for a fan site. 

If there are any interested writers, please email philipkdickfans[at]gmail[dot]com and let me know the title, page count, and publication date (future or past) so that I don’t become over committed and I can help with generating review content at the time the work is published.


Send Me Stuff: Part One

Send Me Your Stories, Articles, Reflections, Reviews, Analysis, etc. I have been working on setting up a blog article feed on writing that mentions Philip K. Dick. It’s been slow work so far. The reason for the call out is that I never intended this blog to be the sole thoughts of me aboutPKD. I would like others to participate even if it is a single post that would be great.

If you would like to email philipkdickfans[at]gmail[dot]com any otherPKDrelated story, I will post it here (assuming it’s appropriate to post) and I will be sure to give you proper attribution.  I will be the final authority on if the writing is appropriate to post but since my favorite writer is Philip K. Dick, I’m very liberal about what would be appropriate.