Philip K. Dick Honored In Orange Country, California [Updated]

Radio Free AlbemuthThe Mayor, City Council and Orange Country Film Fiesta (Facebook Page) are honoring their one-time resident, Philip K. Dick, with the proclamation of September 14, 2013, as “Philip K. Dick Day”.

The writer/director John Alan Simon of Radio Free Albemuth has been invited to commemorate the occasion with a special free screening at the Fiesta Twin Theatre at 7 p.m.- and Question and Answer Session with writer/director John Alan Simon afterwards.

There will also be a Philip K. Dick Tribute and panel on Philip K. Dick.


Here is a photo of the proclamation for Philip K. Dick Day:

Proclamation for Philip K. Dick Day


{A big thank you to the moderators of the Radio Free Albemuth Facebook page for this news.}

Tessa Dick’s New Radio Show On Internet Radio

Here are details of Tessa Dick’s New Radio Show on Internet Radio Monday, September 2, 2013. She is chatting to Anthony Peake and jami Morgan about Philip K. Dick.

If you missed the show, here is the archive of it: or I have archived the mp3 at