4 thoughts on “New Issue of PKD Otaku

  1. Thanks once again Michael for your excellent and swift service. Your great web site should receive far more positive comments than it does.

  2. BREAKING NEWS…..BREAKING NEWS!! To all girls, boys and slithering clams, there is going to be a “special issue” of PKD Otaku in 2017 devoted to The Penultimate Truth. If you would like to send in an essay, article, column of commentary, review, poetry, and/or artwork that SPECIFICALLY deals with The Penultimate Truth, or some aspect of it (why does the word “fog” occur 21 times in the novel?) please let Patrick Clark (pkdotaku@gmail.com) know, as he recovers from a knee replacement operation. He’s trying for FDO cyborg of the year!! Also, feel free to spread the news far and wide and all over the place about this forthcoming special issue. The more people worldwide we can get involved with this, the better. That is all. Over and out.

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