PKD Day 2017: Philip K. Dick and Vast Narrative

PKD DayThe second PKD Day to be held at Birmingham City University, Saturday, April 22nd, 2017.

This one-day, interdisciplinary conference will seek to explore the contours of the Dickian vast narrative, examining whether it is fair to talk about a Dick-iverse that is neither connected by narrative continuity (like Lord of the Rings) nor the repetition of characters and situations (like Marvel or DC comics). Furthermore, this provides the opportunity to explore how creators, commentators, industry and fans compete over the canonicity of different interpretations of Dick.

We welcome proposals for twenty minute presentations from both creative and academic practitioners, and from undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and established scholars. Please send 300-word proposals to Thomas Knowles and Terence Sawyers by the end of March 12th 2017.

More information is included on the Philip K. Dick Festival website.


Philip K. Dick’s Birthday (And A Present For You!) and .net stores are now open. Purchase digital (i.e. not analog) versions of the works of Philip K. Dick or other works related to Philip K. Dick’s life and his writing. For reading, watching or listening on the go with your portable homeopape device.


In a corner of the large room a chime sounded and a tinkling mechanical voice called, “I’m your free homeopape machine, a service supplied exclusively by all the fine Rootes hotels throughout Earth and the colonies. Simply dial the classification of news that you wish, and in a matter of seconds I’ll speedily provide you with a fresh, up-to-the-minute homeopape tailored to your individual requirements; and, let me repeat, at no cost to you!” — From Ubik, by Philip K. Dick


Second Season Of The Man In The High Castle Now Available On Amazon Prime Video

The entire second season (10 episodes) of The Man In The High Castle is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video (for Amazon Prime Members). The Man in the High Castle won two Emmy Awards for 2016.

The description from

After giving Joe the film, Juliana is forced to flee the fury of the Resistance while embarking on a new path to save her home from destruction. Joe confronts his absent father in Berlin, who is not as he seems. Smith wrestles with what to do about his ill son. Frank takes a gamble with his life in a bid to save Ed. Tagomi’s life is turned upside down by his “travel” to an alternative world.

For more information about the series:

Official Site
The Man In The High Castle

The Man In The High Castle (2015– )



Electric Shepherd Productions

Official Site




Note: If you don’t see an image from the television series above, most likely your ad blocking software/browser extension is not allowing the content from to appear.


New Audiobooks Page And A Contest To Win A Free Audiobook

In celebration of the new Audiobooks page just posted, one of the narrators has partnered with this site to sponsor a contest. The new page is located in the Works In Print menu or can be found here:

Ray Greenley (web site, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud) narrated “The Unreconstructed M and Other Stories.” I listened to this audiobook and I think it’s really well done. Ray Greenley’s voice is a pleasure to listen to. With some audiobooks I’ve listened to, I have difficulty becoming immersed in the story because the narrator’s voice or rhythm or style of reading aloud, but with Ray’s narration I didn’t have that problem.

From the Amazon description of this audiobook:

What if…a machine could murder one person while implicating another for the crime? An alien being looked like livestock but spoke like a philosopher? Earth was ruined by war, and Mars was humanity’s only hope? Robots were created to wage an unending war on the ravaged surface of Earth while man hid underground? Peeking into the future showed a worse result with each look?

In The Unreconstructed M and Other Stories by master of science fiction Philip K. Dick, reality is as thin as imagination. Trust in your senses, your experience, and your expectations if you must. But be warned. What you do not know can leave you – and your world – forever changed!

“The Unreconstructed M” (1957), “Beyond Lies the Wub” (1952), “Strange Eden” (1954), “Survey Team” (1954), “The Defenders” (1953), “Beyond the Door” (1954), “Shell Game” (1954), “Piper in the Woods” (1953), “Meddler” (1954), “Of Withered Apples” (1954), “Progeny” (1954), “Upon the Dull Earth” (1954), “Human Is” (1955).

You can hear a preview of the audiobook at Audible, SoundCloud, or Amazon.

Now for the contest:

First and second place are each awarded with a copy of The Unreconstructed M and Other Stories, sold and delivered by Audible, an Amazon company

The challenge:

Readers will leave a comment with what would be their ultimate choice for a book to be read and the person who would read it. The best and/or most creative answer and the runner-up would receive the two promotional copies. Please leave your email address in the comment so we can contact you if you are a winner. You have until August 29. 2016 to enter.

For example, my choice would either be Benedict Cumberbatch reading The Hobbit (His voicing of Smaug in the movie was amazing! It was like the sound of Smaug’s voice that I’ve imagined since I first read the book.) or Martin Shaw reading Geek Love or Stranger in a Strange Land.


Biography Coming Soon [Updated]: Pre-order Links For The Other Side of Philip K. Dick

Coming Soon

The Other Side of Philip K. Dick By Maer Wilson

To pre-order visit or Smashwords.

The Other Side of Philip K. Dick By Maer WilsonExpected to be published later this summer, The Other Side of Philip K. Dick By Maer Wilson is a memoir that tells the story of her ten year friendship with Philip K. Dick from 1972 to 1982.

From the description at Maer Wilson’s web site:

“What is the truth behind the legend of Science Fiction great, Philip K. Dick?

In spring, 1972, Phil Dick moved to Fullerton, CA, where he met Theatre student Mary (Maer) Wilson. Amid marriage proposals, marathon talk-fests and a love for music and films, they forged a strong friendship that would last the rest of his life.

Wilson’s quirky, yet unflinchingly honest, memoir reveals a funny, compassionate and generous man. She captures an inside view of one of our literary greats – a brilliant writer who gave the world some of its most revered Science Fiction.”

For more information, visit Maer Wilson’s web site, Goodreads, or Smashwords