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Finding your way around the Encyclopedia Dickiana:

    The Ganymede Home Page is where you probably came from to get here -- the one with the PKD collage on it --  but the main Ganymedean Slime Mold Bibliography Page is titled "The Encyclopedia Dickiana.". This is the page to start your search. On it are links to pages for each of the Novels of Philip K. Dick and another link that will take you to a selection page for his short stories.

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    On the navbar above and on every page in this website you can return to the Main Page by clicking on the 'Novels' button. The 'Short Stories' button will take you to the short story selection page.

    Similarly, the 'Credits' button takes you to a page where I thank everyone for their help.

    The 'References' link takes you to a page where the sources used in the site are listed.

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    This link will take you to a chronology of PKD stories: Chronology, 1943-1982

PAGE FORMAT:    On each novel and story page will be found a listing of all known editions by Publisher, type, date, number, pages, price. If we have a cover picture of a particular edition, there will be a small picture of that edition's cover. In general I've tried to follow the bibliographic format of Galactic Central's Metaphysical Conjuror.

    In the table at the top of each page are columns named 'Num', 'N' and 'S'.

    The 'Num' stands for the overall composition number of the novel, collection or story as listed in the Chronology, 1943-1982. The 'N' stands for the Novel Number sequence and the 'S' for the short-story number sequence.

    The best place to find the largest internet presentation of Philip K. Dick's novels and stories in the English language is Henri Wintz' site here: 

aaaPKDickBooks.jpg (3234 bytes)

   Also on each  page are notes from various sources. Some of these notes are cryptic, some are interview excerpts, many have to do with bibliographic information concerning different editions. Within these notes are many internal hyperlinks that will jump you from  page to page as you will.          Many links refer back to the Encyclopedia Dickiana main page at particular points or to the 'References' page so that you can see information on the reference sources. Other links jump you to essays written on that particular novel or to external websites.

    The prices given in the 'Collector's Notes' on each page are taken from various Internet book sellers. They are given for reference purposes only and are applicable for the period 2000 - 2003. If you are interested in actually purchasing any of the editions listed, please, contact the booksellers listed for their latest offerings.

  The main purpose of this 2004 update has been to find out and include more information on the stories of Philip K. Dick. This is now done and the individual pages are greatly expanded.

    And that's about it. We'll add more as time goes on -- Lord RC, 2003

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