Philip K. Dick Festival Update

January 23rd, 2014 3 Comments »

Unfortunately due to logistic problems that the Philip K. Dick Festival committee was not able to overcome, the 2014 Philip K. Dick Festival has been postponed. The Festival won’t be taking place at University of California, Irvine, but in another location that would have the space plus be able to meet the other logistical issues.

The Philip K. Dick Festival committee would like to hold the next festival in Orange County, California because that is where Philip K. Dick spent the last several years of his professional life. The Philip K. Dick Festival committee has also shared that the event won’t take place before the end of 2014. More information will be shared about the new location and the new dates as soon as possible.

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New Issue of PKD Otaku

December 12th, 2013 No Comments »

PKD Otaku Issue 30A new issue of PKD Otaku has been published. You can view it here: PKD Otaku Issue 30 or view past issues.

Please be patient after clicking on the link for this issue. The file is large and requires more time to download. An alternative would be to save the file to your computer and read the issue from there.

PKD Otaku 30 Coming Soon

December 9th, 2013 1 Comment »

Philip K. Dick Honored In Orange Country, California [Updated]

September 7th, 2013 3 Comments »

Radio Free AlbemuthThe Mayor, City Council and Orange Country Film Fiesta (Facebook Page) are honoring their one-time resident, Philip K. Dick, with the proclamation of September 14, 2013, as “Philip K. Dick Day”.

The writer/director John Alan Simon of Radio Free Albemuth has been invited to commemorate the occasion with a special free screening at the Fiesta Twin Theatre at 7 p.m.- and Question and Answer Session with writer/director John Alan Simon afterwards.

There will also be a Philip K. Dick Tribute and panel on Philip K. Dick.


Here is a photo of the proclamation for Philip K. Dick Day:

Proclamation for Philip K. Dick Day


{A big thank you to the moderators of the Radio Free Albemuth Facebook page for this news.}

Tessa Dick’s New Radio Show On Internet Radio

September 1st, 2013 3 Comments »

Here are details of Tessa Dick’s New Radio Show on Internet Radio Monday, September 2, 2013. She is chatting to Anthony Peake and jami Morgan about Philip K. Dick.

If you missed the show, here is the archive of it: or I have archived the mp3 at

New Issue of PKD Otaku

August 30th, 2013 2 Comments »

PKD Otaku Issue 29A new issue of PKD Otaku has been published. You can view it here: PKD Otaku Issue 29 or view past issues.

Please be patient after clicking on the link for this issue. The file is large and requires more time to download. An alternative would be to save the file to your computer and read the issue from there.

Official Philip K. Dick Website Offline

August 30th, 2013 7 Comments »

From the questions and comments I’ve seen, many of the you may have noticed that the Official Philip K. Dick Website, is offline and all that is displayed is:

I don’t know what happened to the site. Because of my experience, I have some facts about the situation. The site went offline sometime at the end sometime between June 23, 2013 and July 28, 2013 (*/ The domain name hasn’t expired ( I would guess that the message is coming either from a hosting services servers or a content management system, but at this point I haven’t investigated that avenue very much.

What I have been working on is capturing as much of the old site as I can to either archive it here (if allowed) or for my own personal use. What happens to the site is entirely up to Electric Shepherd Productions LLC. I have reached out to my contacts within the organization to offer help about 1-2 weeks ago and haven’t had a response. I strongly feel that the domain needs to be active or at least have some web presence. That domain is the one that used to drive the most traffic in (besides Wikipedia and This site is now 3rd when I search for “Philip K. Dick” so at least there is some location that can attract fans or new explorers to learn about Philip K. Dick.

Meanwhile, here is a screen capture from the old(?)

PKD Otaku 29 Coming Soon

August 26th, 2013 3 Comments »

Radio Free Albemuth Has Been Fully Funded And More! (Updated)

July 2nd, 2013 No Comments »

Radio Free AlbemuthThe Kickstarter campaign has finished and the total amount pledged by 827 backers was $92,267.

Congratulations to the Radio Free Albemuth Kickstarter Project team for meeting their Kickstarter goal and exceeding it. Backers are still submitting pledges and as an update from the project says any money above the goal will be used for additional screenings, ads and publicity.

I’m so ecstatic that this Kickstarter project was fully funded and I contributed a tiny part of the overall goal. From what I’ve heard this movie is a very faithful adaption of the novel and a great movie also. I have wanted to see it since it was released but it was only shown rarely at conferences or other events that I have been unable to attend.

The most recent post from the team:

You can still go here and make a pledge (or increase your plaedge) until Wednesday Jul 3, 2:02 pm EDT

Radio Free Albemuth Kickstarter Campaign Launched

May 23rd, 2013 No Comments »

Radio Free AlbemuthUp into now, the film Radio Free Albemuth has only been shown and available at special events like the Philip K. Dick Festival, the Hugo Awards at Worldcon, Science Fiction Hall of Fame induction ceremonies in Seattle, and in the near future at the Indie Night Series at Lincoln Center Film Society in New York.

The film has received excellent reviews and when screening the film, it has received an enthusiastic response. Unfortunately the major distribution companies have not selected this film for wide spread release. The filmmakers believe that there is an audience who would like to view Radio Free Albemuth, and have been trying since 2010 (when the film was completed) to show the film as often as was possible but many potential audience members are still denied access to see it. I am one of these frustrated potential audience members who because of geography, haven’t been able to attend any of the locations Radio Free Albemuth has been screened.

Because of these reasons the filmmakers have decided to try the self-distribution (DIY) route. Like many frustrated artists, writers, filmmakers, etc., they have created a Kickstarter project to raise the money to distribute Radio Free Albemuth to a wider audience. The link to the Kickstarter project is Please help support the distribution of this film. From what I have heard and read it is the most faithful adaptation of any of Philip K. Dick’s novels.

Here are some links for more information about Radio Free Albemuth not coming from the filmmakers:

The filmmakers have been advertising Radio Free Albemuth in social media in addition to the press they receive at the events where the film is shown.:

Click on the image below to play a short from the filmmakers about this project:

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