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9 thoughts on “Works In Print

  1. Hello-
    Quick question… his TOP 10 NOVELS, not novellas in your opinion ? I own & have read : Do Androids, Man in the High Castle, 3 Stigmata, & Ubik. What 6 should I add to my list ? Do you like any of the new, non fiction stuff being released ? i.e. His pre-sci-fi writing days ?

    Lastly, whom do you think is his close second ? Asimov, William Gibson ?

    Thanks for your time & knowledge… James

  2. Hello. It is a rare occasion that I take the time to learn more about the origin of a movie, however, after watching “The Adjustment Bureau” I have to know one thing…. was your father a Christian?

  3. I just got my boyfriend Man In The High Castle, cover 27. He noticed it begins on page 9. Is this normal for this run? It doesn’t look like it’s missing pages.

  4. Denise – My copy is the copy of the book pictured above (and thanks for the questions because of it I realized that I missed adding that book, one of his best and most famous). It has a title page with graphics, then a dedication and acknowledgments and starts with 1 and this text “For a week Mr. R. Childan has been anxiously watching the mail.”

    I know that the first pagination page in a book isn’t always 1 because the title pages, etc. are counted so your copy may have all that pages but if the text isn’t there then you have missing pages.

  5. Most of PKD’s stuff seems to still be in print, though a couple above (Mary And The Giant, Nick And The Glimmung and Radio Free Albemuth) don’t seem to have been reprinted recently… Any idea if these, or especially the remaining ones (The Broken Bubble or The Ganymede Takeover [with Ray Nelson]) will be getting reprints? I checked the Publisher’s page for the newest editions, and the 4/16 releases seem to be the last ones listed.

  6. @Davor: There may be some hope, as Broken Bubble and The Ganymede Takeover have been reprinted, at least in the UK. Nick and the Glimmung is the last holdout on my list; I don’t want to pay collectors prices if I don’t have to, but I fear this one may not get reprinted.

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